Ring Sizing

If you are ordering a ring please make sure you provide me with the correct size. There is very little difference in measurement between sizes (0.4mm on the diameter is a whole ring size!) so measuring with a strip of paper will not be accurate enough!

I would recommend that you visit a reputable jewellery supplier/ High Street jeweller to get your finger measured- a professional with the right tools for the job! Try to make sure that you are not too hot or too cold when you are measured as fingers also swell and shrink in extremes of temperature.

Please make sure your finger is measured with a narrow ring gauge even for the wider rings as I will make allowances for this when I make up the ring.

If it's not possible to get your finger measured I also have single use ring sizers that I can send out to you in the post so do get in touch.

Please call me if you are unsure and need some help.